NuTech National is now the trusted security solution provider for Brinks. NuTech National is committed to bring Brinks state of the art security solutions and unbeatable customer service.

BrinksBrink’s was founded in Chicago, 1859 delivering luggage and parcels in Chicago eventually moving into the business of money transport. Brink’s is one of the most recognized names in money transport and holding in the world. Trusted for over 150 years to keep our money and valuables safe.

Release nutechNuTech National, the Nation’s Largest Alarm Servicing Network, has been providing, servicing and installing similar products for national retailers for over 36 years. NuTech is also heavily involved in high security government projects, as well as protecting military vendors such as Lockheed Martin (nationwide) for over 22 years. NuTech’s national retail channel is providing security solutions for over 100,000 retail sites and several hundred retail brands. NuTech started in the early 80’s, providing WalMart stores fire, security, and CCTV systems in their early roll outs. More recently involved with Amazon large distributions centers and several multi brand retailers, for example Ascena brands with seven brands and over 4,000 stores. NuTech is moving forward with national retailer Finish Line, utilizing the March Networks solutions. Today, NuTech provides video alarm services for video verification, video analytics from people count to heat mapping, and more sophisticated analytics that is customized for each client.

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