Enhanced Services

To really push the envelope in Loss Prevention, sometimes you have to go one step further and look for tools that cover all angles. Here are just some of our enhanced services that we offer at NuTech.

Video Verification

The problem with most video surveillance systems is that normally the video starts recording the perpetrator AFTER the point of entry.

With Video Verified Alarms, the video starts recording 10 seconds before the break in occurs. This gives you and our video center valuable security information about how the break in occurred and the measures that can be taken at the weak entry point. It could also lead to more intel that authorities can use to make an arrest.

Timing is everything…
False alarms are kind of like the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Police are usually slow to respond to alarm triggers, this could be very costly if burglars are raiding your store.

To combat this problem, our Central Station is able to instantly monitor camera activity and alarms. If they see activity, they are able to communicate to authorities urgently. This eliminates false alarms. For you this means less property damage and stolen goods.

Employee Watch

We all like to think that the people retailers choose to hire are trustworthy. Most are but some get into desperate situations and make bad decisions to steal. Unfortunately, 50% of all theft is employee related.

At NuTech we have a way of protecting against employee theft and keeping them safe with tools that protect them and you.

  • Parking lot safety panic app.
  • Track employees making deposits.
  • GPS + Camera notification tracking.

Video Guard Tours

Technology is creating a ton of jobs but it’s also eliminating some too. Video guard tours are changing security operations around the country.
Video guards allow you to strategically set up locations where guards were normally needed. It’s great for parking lots, tenant buildings, and large facilities that need extra security assistance keeping an eye on their property.

  • Create regular security review system.
  • May reduce physical guards.
  • Identify procedure and operational compliance issues.

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NuTech began working with Wal-Mart in the early 80's during their aggressive National roll-out which helped fuel the national growth of the NuTech.


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