How well are you informing YOUR CUSTOMERS of the changes due to COVID-19 at YOUR stores?

Here is a critical tool that will keep your customers as well as employees informed, safe and maintain order well as a FAST way to communicate any UPDATES.

As Retails Stores are opening or continually operating they are installing our Social Distancing SIGNAGE for Retail Stores.

NuTech Connect now offers PVMs and In Store Signage

Benefits for Operations – Organized and unified Instructions for employees and staff. Reduce confusion and increase efficiency in the store with clear instructions.

Benefits for LP – Video Awareness – Reduce theft, curtail employee theft, monitor store activity, cut down on losses by working as a deterrent, and by spotting suspicious activity as it happens.

Benefits for Facilities – Keep new procedures in facilities in front of coworkers and customers.

Keep Customers Safe and Informed!


The Signage is managed with Cloud-based digital tool. Retails can change the look and feel of their Connect PVM’s at a moment’s notice. Create, Schedule, and deploy targeted messaging to any location or geographical region within a MOMENT’S NOTICE!

As retailers begin to navigate the “new normal,” it’s essential for them to stay in touch with their customers and provide them accurate information on topics like health safety, store policies, product availability, and checkout procedures.


NuTech’s Connect PVMs have a the unique opportunity to make a difference by displaying relevant, accurate, and updated messaging in real-time. This information can help educate the general public and enhance customer experience no matter what the circumstances.


All NuTech Connect PVMs feature a built-in HD camera that can be displayed in real-time on the PVM screen, creating a sense of safety and security. Not only can this visual theft deterrent option be sized to the desired scale – it can also be hidden from public view or triggered to only show when a specific event occurs.

A Closer Look — In-Store Signage Signage Use Cases

Timing is EVERYTHING! It’s vital to display the most accurate information available. The NuTech Connect PVMs can play a prominent role in distributing in-store signage about public health and safety, product availability, and new store procedures.


Digital signage plays an essential role in communicating the latest health and safety guidelines in real-time to customers and employees.


Notify customers of product limits, shortages, or in-store items locations of essential items for quick and effective shopping.

Inform customers of alternative ways to buy next time with options like ordering online, curbside pickup, and ship to home.

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